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ASCII Term used to indicate a clear text file.

Business to Business mailing (B2B) A mailing sent from one business to another business.

Cold List People who have no known relationship with the advertiser, nor any known buying history of the product or service. It is used to attract new customers.

Compiled List Names and addresses created from directories, public records, trade show registrations.

Consumer List Names and addresses of private individuals at their home address.

Copyright This remains with the list owner at all times.

CSV Comma Separated Values. A clear text file representing a datasheet.The file is separated into columns using a comma as the field separator. CSV files can be imported into the majority of word-processing, spreadsheet and database applications.

Customer Profile Characteristics about a customer, eg age, household composition, number of cars etc.

Data Capture Keying-in of data into a database.

Data Processing The inputting, analysing, cleansing and updating of records on a database.

Data Protection Act Legislation to protect the interests of the individual by controlling the use of personal data for marketing or other business purposes.

Deduplication Identifying and removing duplicate entries in a database. Commonly undertaken when merging mailing lists from different sources, ensuring that only one mailing piece goes to an individual.

Demographics Socio-economic characteristics of customers, such as age, sex, status,which builds a profile of an individual/ business.

Direct Mail A personally addressed piece of mail promoting a company's products or services.

Direct Mailing Marketing or advertising activity, based on a direct relationship.

Fax Preference Scheme(FPS) This legislation states you cannot send unsolicited faxes to consumers, sole traders and (except in Scotland)partnerships without receiving prior permission. For further information visit www.fps-online.org.uk.

Goneaway/amendments A person mailed no longer lives at the address used. Data protection laws and warranties say that anyone has the right to be removed from a List and it is the List users responsibility to return the amendments to the List Owner.

Imputed data (also known as inferred, derived, overlayed or modelled data) Imputation is a process that estimates and inserts values where actual data is missing. This information is derived from other information known about the individual (or household or company) and attributed to them. Sometimes such data is generated by applying a mathematical model to known data, or it can be information (such as census data) that can be imputed to a range of individuals (or households or companies) based on some other trait such as residence, occupation, type of business etc.

List Cleaning the removal or correction of the details in a list.

List Rental The rental of a list, of names and addresses, through a List Broker or directly from the List Owner. Rental can either be for one-off or multiple useage.

Loose Inserts Promotional leaflets, postcards or simple mailing packs placed inside publications (newspapers and magazines).

Mailer/Mailshot Personally addressed advertising sent through the post.

Mailing Preference Service(MPS) This is a system where consumers give their name and address details to be suppressed from all mailings. This is only relevant to home details.

Mailsort The range of Royal Mail services offering reduced postal prices. The mailer pre-sorts the mail into predetermined selections which relate to the way in which mail is circulated and delivered to the household.

Merge Purge Combining two or more lists of names and addresses removing the duplicates. The end result is the "net names" list.

Multiple Use This is when data is use by the mailer either over a period of time or a number times dependant on the agreement.

Nixies Is another term for goneaways.

nth/random selection This is where names on the database are selected at random.

Sample Mailing Piece This is the actual letter/text/brochure that you will be mailing to your target audience.

Seed names These are names included in the list by list owners to monitor the frequency of usage.

Single use/One off use This is when the data is rental for one use only and can not be used again.

Telephone Preference Scheme(TPS) This is a system where consumers give their telephone details to be suppressed from all unsolicited marketing and sales calls. This is only relevant to home details. For further information visit www.tps-online.org.uk.