Email Marketing List

Email Lists

The 121 Data Division can provide access to millions of permission-based email addresses and segment prospects based on your individual needs.

Using our comprehensive and accurate permission-based email databases, you can deliver highly relevant messages to people who have opted-in to receive emails targeting their specific interests and needs.

Simply choose your audience by business sectors or individual business classifications, See our full lists.

Email list compilation
  • A business email list is derived from multiple sources including leading publication, information and exhibition brands, and through the process of telemarketing, subscription and surveys where comprehensive source data is captured.
  • A consumer email list tend to be collected as a result of visits to specific interest or hobby websites, where lifestyle information is collated on registration.
Email Broadcast and services package

In addition to high quality data, we offer a first class email broadcast and reporting package which includes bounce back rates and click through information.

An email campaign includes:

  • Set-up of campaign
  • Full Testing
  • Email Broadcast
  • Live Tracking

5 working days are requested from receipt of your creative template, to ensure your campaign is delivered as requested.

*Please note that a minimum broadcast volume order may apply.

Email Broadcasts

As experts in email marketing we have the technical capabilities to broadcast proficiently, and we understand the full aims and objectives of any campaign.

To deliver an email, and to then achieve the best results, an email should be addressed correctly. We understand the marketing principles and have the technical ability to easily implement ‘from names’, ’email address’ and ‘subject lines’.

Email Broadcast Report and Analysis

Being able to monitor the success of your campaign is vital. We can supply you with detailed and summarised reports informing you on many statistics including how many people have read your email and who has clicked through to your website.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Centrally managed by us
  • Schedule e-shots to your requirements
  • Testing suite thoroughly checks your data
  • Analysis tools report the effectiveness of your campaign
  • Facilities allow the scripting of both HTML and plain text emails
How It Works

You provide us with a list or we purchase for you a list of opted in email addresses for the people who you want to receive the e-shot. This will either be in the form of a spreadsheet list or database. If you do not have an email design that we can use, we can easily create one for you through our design studio partners. Please ask for details.

We will thoroughly test both the message and your list of addresses to ensure that everything is ready for your email broadcast.

We will then schedule to send the mailing at a time to suit you.

Reporting and Email Marketing Analysis

The Data Division email broadcast solutions, enable extremely quick reporting and email analytics which provide useable results to help you refine and improve your marketing efforts.

Our monitoring system will provide detailed information about the mail and the recipients’ actions:

  • The number of emails sent
  • Of those sent, the number which have been read
  • A record of the links which have been visited and by whom
  • Log of addresses which produced undeliverable mails
  • Recipients who have asked to be taken off of your list
  • Follow up automated emails to open readers

Of these reports, the most interesting information will be the analysis of visited links, showing us which items have caught the reader’s eye so making a potential sale.

Email Guidelines

In the Data Division we have spent a considerable amount of time analyzing what works and what doesn’t when using email to promote. Here are a few tips…

Target It!

Precise targeting of your message to an audience that is likely to find it compelling is even more critical when using email as a communication medium.

Opt Out

Always include an opt-out or unsubscribe line in your e-mail message. Giving the recipient the opportunity to opt-out of receiving any future correspondence. As well as ensuring that you are complying with GDPR rules, it is good practice and polite to give recipients this option.

Make Your Message Informative

An information-led approach minimises the number of recipients who opt-out or unsubscribe to your message and generates a more positive response.

Data Protection Privacy

Ensure that the email data you are using conforms to current legal legislation as well as to best practice. Read more for data protection guidelines.

Include Sub-sections

Subject lines can be useful to the reader and should always clearly relate to the body of your message. Another good way of ensuring your content is read is by including plenty of direct links to very specific information subsets.

Keep It Professional

Carefully choose words and sentences that convey exactly what you mean. Never use any kind of language or combination of words that could be interpreted as being sarcastic, ironic or patronising.

Make It Clear Where It Came From

If your customers or potential clients recognise your brand – why not include your logo at the beginning of the message.

Short and Snappy Works

Online attention span can be brief. Email recipients respond better to short, well-structured paragraphs rather than a series of long descriptive sentences.


Messages written in capital letters can be easily perceived as shouting and give the wrong impression.

Avoid Humour

However well you think you know your clients you may not be able to tell what makes them laugh. Jokes or humorous messages are best avoided as they may not appeal to everyone.

Always Check Your Message

Email is just as sensitive to spelling and grammar mistakes as any other written work. Always check the content thoroughly for readability and clarity before clicking the send button or sending transmission.