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"I have been delighted to work with 121 Direct Mail for a number of years.  They have been an excellent company to work with and have always bent over backwards to accommodate our mailings, often at extremely short notice!  I am sure we will continue to work with 121 for many years to come".



“You deserve to be so busy – your service is excellent. Please take this as an order for the job to go out by the latest on Friday”


“Our business relies heavily on direct mail as a marketing channel. This year, we realised that the mailing volumes we were forecasting to send would require external assistance. The team at 121 were prompt with their quotes, transparent in their pricing and showed a clear understanding of various mailsort discounts that would help us maximise our budget. We’ve remained with them ever since because they are helpful, thorough and can be relied upon to get our mail out on time. We would happily recommend them to any other business.”




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Feb 13, 2019

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Direct Mail Services



Even in this digital age, traditional direct mail is still considered by the advertising industry to be one of the most productive and cost effective forms of marketing to generate business leads, prospective clients and sales. Producing a direct mail campaign in house however, can be a very costly and time consuming process, often the postal savings alone cover a lot of the costs, so why not let 121 Direct Mail provide you with an efficient, fast and cost effective solution.

At 121 Direct Mail we offer a multitude of sophisticated direct mail fulfilment solutions that are tailored specifically to meet your individual requirements and business objectives.  We can offer both machine and manual fill services for any campaign however, large or small at really competitive prices.

121 Direct Mail has the ability to print, mail-merge, fold and collate, using either machine or hand insertion facilities, we can also poly wrap and pack small or high volume items. With so many options to choose from we will ensure that we advise you on the most cost effective and efficient way to despatch your direct mail campaign through an initial discussion and continuous communication throughout the process.

At 121 Direct Mail we offer:

  • Cut Sheet Laser Printing - in mono or colour, with single or duplex letters, including scanning signatures or typesetting letters
  • Inkjetting Postcards and Envelopes - with return address, PPI logo and recipient address
  • Handling - up to four times via machine or using our extensive hand enclosing capacity, including matching items (we fill items from C6 to A4 size)

Our Direct Mail services include:

  • Envelope enclosing
  • Poly bagging/wrapping
  • Laser Printing
  • Ink Jetting
  • Machine fulfilment
  • Hand enclosures
  • Postage discounts
  • Data management
  • Active response services

"At 121 Direct Mail our Data Processing service ensures your mail reaches your target market on time every time"

To discuss your requirements or request a free quote, please get in touch.

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