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Whether you are publicising a special event or sale, offering a discount voucher or coupon
or even pushing consumers online to your website, a high quality printed Postcard is a great
cheap form of marketing, that has the ability to grab the attention of an individual, create
an action or response and help your brand stand out from the crowd.


We don’t apply a minimum or maximum order quantity on mailings so whether you require
a small and personalised mailing to a select group of recipients, or you want to mail larger
groups in particular areas or market sectors, we can help.
Do not underestimate the power of a well written sales letter.
Some people may say sending a letter is old fashioned and nobody does it, but the use of
words in a simple, well understood, traditionally trusted and accepted format can open
doors and help you win new opportunities.
Use a mailing house and its direct mailing services to send large volumes of letters is a cost-
effective, professional and highly efficient way to improve your ROI.


Nowadays most people use the internet to search or shop for things we want. Which asks
the question, do people still like receiving catalogues?
Categorically Yes. They stimulate purchases – 63% of people say they are influenced by a
catalogue to purchase. claiming it’s easier to browse through products in a catalogue, rather
than in-store or online. Postage Discounts on Catalogue mailings increase sales, improve ROI
and also drive people to visit your website.


Sometimes depending on the size, shape and number of items you want to send out
Polywrapping your mailing may be the most effective delivery option.
Distinctive polywrapping mailings involve enclosing your mail item within clear polythene
and accompanying this with any other inserts and a personalised ‘carrier sheet’ which
includes the name and address details, along with any other relevant logos, slogans,
messages and artwork.
The Benefits of Polywrapping over Envelope Enclosing


Even today, many mailing campaigns still require hand fulfilment!
Modern automated machinery handles many mailing fulfilments services swiftly and
efficiently and it delivers a professional service, but at 121 Direct Mail we understand that
some mailings are much better matched to hand fulfilment.
If the shape, size, number or type of items to be inserted, or the design of the mailing packs
are not suitable for an automated mailing machine, our hand mailing fulfilment services are
the perfect solution for you.


There are so many ways to post or deliver your mail in today’s competitive marketplace and
each service can qualify to receive discounts based on criteria levied by the carrier or postal
service. 121 Direct Mail specialise in negotiating the best discounts possible, which are then
passed onto you in our quote. This benefits you by lowering the total cost of your mailing,
and reaching the same people for a discounted price, improving the ROI (Return On
Investment) of your campaign.
This brief overview will give you an insight as to how you can optimise your postage