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    Nowadays most people use the internet to search or shop for things we want. Which asks the question, do people still like receiving catalogues?

    Categorically Yes. They stimulate purchases – 63% of people say they are influenced by a catalogue to purchase. claiming it’s easier to browse through products in a catalogue, rather than in-store or online. Postage Discounts on Catalogue mailings increase sales, improve ROI and also drive people to visit your website.

    Catalogue printing and mailing them out, isn’t old hat. 85% of marketers plan to maintain or increase printed catalogue distribution and there’s a good reason why, overall consumer response to catalogue mailing has increased by 23%. It’s a phenominal strategy to:

    • Push more customers to your website
    • Present new products
    • Promote seasonal products
    • Upsell by presenting goods in specific groupings
    • Build your brand awareness
    • Boost long-lasting customer relationships
    • Target new customers 

    121 Direct Mail a leading mailing house can professionally help you distribute you brochures or catalogues to a specific audience. Once delivered Catalogues stay in the home for much longer whilst online catalogues are there and gone with a click! A hard copy, visually appealing and relevant reference book of your best products, creates interest generates sales and creates a deeper, trusted customer relationship than digital media.

    Mailing a Brochures or Catalogues has a number of benefits and rewards over other forms of marketing as they need to be opened and read, thereby creating immediate impact and awareness of your product or company, its an extremely cost effective marketing tool with all the postage discounts currently available.  

    With our direct mail services, your brochure or catalogue mailings can be quick and easy to setup and cheap to mail, just let us know a few simple things

    • Tell us how many items you want to send out
    • Tell us if you need a covering letter, is the letter written and letterheads printed or is the artwork ready?
    • Does a flyer, invitation, coupon or anything else need to go with the brochure as well?
    • When do you need the mailing to land in peoples letterboxes?

    It really is that easy and with UK’s most competitive print and postage prices you simply can’t ignore the positive effects a brochure mailing could have on your business.


    At 121 Direct Mail we know that when we’ve quoted and start a mailing for you, we are presenting your business to your customers.  So, it’s our intention to deliver a product that impresses and generates a response from your customers.


    As soon as we have the artwork or the postcards arrive ready for mailing, we start the fulfilment process.  It is not unusual for us to be able to mail on the same working day, it can be that fast if you need it!


    We believe that we offer the best value for money postcard mailings locally, it’s a bold statement, but when you combine our prices, our standards of customer service, expertise and quality of product, we believe we’re hard to beat.


    So all you need do now is get in touch with 121 direct mail for a Quick Quote and you will see how we can help you

    If you wish to speak to us over the phone, arrange a meeting and a walk round at our factory or want us come to your business to talk Direct Mail, please contact us or call us on0161 406 8165 we are hear to help.

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    Copyright 2020  ~  121 Direct Mail Ltd  ~  Company Registration No 05532478  ~  ICO Registration No Z9273334 ~ Sitemap ~ Articles