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    The Data Division
    121 Direct Mail

    121 Direct Mail, since 2005 has provided a complete data protected, ICO and GDPR compliant Data Division in-house, enabling us to analyse and verify any data supplied to us with complete security, utilising both in-house bespoke applications and postal industry software.

    Whether you are looking to eliminate duplicate entries across multiple databases, screen against deceased or gone away suppression files or improve the quality of your data by purchasing new mailing list targets, the Data Division can offer you these high quality, reliable and cost effective Data Processing services.

    Keeping up-to-date records can be a very difficult and time consuming task, so why not let us take care of it for you? Any returned mail, we will remove or highlight on the database, so the people that have moved or died and businesses no longer in existence, where applicable, you can contact them by another method and update their details.

    As a company, we’re proud to be trusted by The NHS, Financial Institutions, and Local Authority clients.

    The Data Division offers the following services:

    • De-Duplication / Merge & Purge
    • Preference Service Screening
    • Postal Address Verification
    • Deceased Screening
    • MPS – “No direct mail please” register
    • Gone Away Screening
    • Database updates

    Using correctly targetted data for a mailing is crucial. From cleaning and profiling your database, to ensure Royal Mail Postcode validating of addresses or carrying out a free data health check, our Data Division can ensure your mailing list delivers an optimum return on investment.


    What our Customers Say

    It Wasn't The Most Straightforward Of Projects

    “We would just like to say thank you very much for fulfilling this job. We appreciate it wasn't the most straightforward of projects and are grateful for your hard work ”

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    “Thanks for highlighting this problem – the client was very impressed that it was picked up and wanted me to pass on their thanks”

    The Service Has Been Impeccable

    “Thanks so much, the service has been impeccable, especially considering I didn't open my conversation with you about this until Thursday last week ”

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    Copyright 2020  ~  121 Direct Mail Ltd  ~  Company Registration No 05532478  ~  ICO Registration No Z9273334 ~ Sitemap ~ Articles