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99 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas to ensure that you get the right message to the right target–in the right way.

Hopefully you’ll find one or two, or even dozens, of tips for your next mailing. They’re easy tips for any business to use and are guaranteed to increase your customer response rate.

Thanks to Al Lautenslager for this great article.

Direct mail is one of the most important pieces of your marketing plan.

Developing and executing the campaign can many times be a thankless job. Today’s mailing regulations can get complicated, postage rates are changing and making you mail stand out  gets harder. The right message is very important and must get to the target prospect in the right way on a frequent basis. Capturing your reader has to happen fast and your reader must be motivated to take action.

Here are 99 direct mail marketing tips to ensure that you get the right message to the right target–in the right way.

  1. Give a free gift to increase response
  2. Highlight the free gift offer prominently
  3. Use short copy to tease the reader to read further or respond
  4. Minimize the use of buzz words
  5. Make your offer easy to respond to
  6. Prove any claims with details to add credibility
  7. Ask for the order right away
  8. Use graphics and colour to support the message and text
  9. Offer a free trial to eliminate risk
  10. Hire a professional copywriter for your content
  11. Hire a professional graphic designer
  12. Make your offer easy to understand at a glance
  13. Promise many benefits
  14. Give many reasons to buy
  15. Use all the formatting available with taste
  16. Have your direct mail reviewed by an objective third party
  17. Use coloured paper to make impact and save on printing costs
  18. Consult with a direct-mail specialist
  19. Use a reply card or other reply mechanism
  20. Put a headline on the envelope
  21. Survey customers about what they’ll respond to
  22. Include postage-paid return cards or envelopes
  23. End a page with the middle of a sentence to encourage more reading
  24. Personalize as much as you can
  25. Use a Post-It note for greater impact and attention
  26. Make the offer very prominent in the copy
  27. Use a no-risk guarantee
  28. Keep track of target recipients, replies and follow-up
  29. Tell the whole story
  30. Keep paragraphs short
  31. Break up long copy with graphics or white space
  32. Don’t dwell on history or background
  33. Offer a free-trial period
  34. State your geographical service area even if its global, national, regional or local
  35. Keep the sales pitch positive and highlight the benefits
  36. Include a call to action; tell your readers exactly what you want them to do
  37. Use a “P.S.”–it’s one of the most frequently read parts of the copy
  38. Make it easy to purchase- credit cards, Paypal, Interest Free Credit, etc.
  39. Offer a discount for a quick response and order
  40. Make a simple order form for faxing
  41. Always put a sense of urgency and deadline in your copy
  42. Put a picture of a phone by your phone number
  43. Put testimonials at the top of the content and by the call to action
  44. Use typestyles that are easy to read, not a mix of them
  45. Have a call to action at the beginning, middle and end of your copy
  46. Use free information, free samples and a free demonstration as a marketing hook
  47. Offer a free consultation in addition to the free information hook
  48. Separate features and benefits (emphasise benefits)
  49. Use bullet points and small segments of information
  50. Use subheadings and subtitles
  51. Include a toll-free number if you have one
  52. Get your readers involved with a contest
  53. Use a tear-out coupon or one with a printed perforation
  54. Ask plain questions and offer a simple solution
  55. Put in a photo of yourself or an associates to personalize it
  56. Make promises; keep promises
  57. “Free” is still a motivating word–use it and highlight it
  58. Use handwritten notes or comments on your direct-mail piece
  59. Guarantee customer satisfaction
  60. Offer proof of the benefits
  61. Include case studies and success stories
  62. Restate your offer often, especially at the end of the communication
  63. Use captions, sayings or titles under all photos
  64. Order your mailing list or compile it way in advance of your execution date
  65. Test your list and use “Address Correction Requested” to clean your list
  66. Mail to vendors as well as target prospects
  67. Outsource things you don’t do best: printing, mail prep, design, etc.
  68. Put yourself on all mailing lists
  69. Work with a list broker to tighten list specifications
  70. Test different copy, headlines and offers
  71. Use graphics on the outside of envelopes
  72. Measure results and calculate ROM (Return on Mailing) dollars
  73. Code your mailings to measure response
  74. Mail frequently to a smaller subset of your list
  75. Plan and prepare enough mailings for three months at a time
  76. Use colour
  77. Do a co-op mailing with a fusion marketing partner or power partner
  78. White space is good–a clean look is professional and easy to read
  79. Print in large quantities to take advantage of cheaper printing prices
  80. Use mailing pieces as handouts and for sales kits
  81. Mail to PR contacts
  82. Self-mailers are read more than stuffed envelopes
  83. Postcards are very efficient; usually both sides are looked at
  84. Print on the flap of the envelope to increase exposure
  85. Create excitement: “Act Now!”, “For a limited time!”, “Hurry while it lasts!”
  86. Deliver stacks of left-over printed items to trade organisations
  87. It’s OK to send the same piece over and over for consistency
  88. Mail to educational institutions
  89. Create fun for you and your prospect with your campaign
  90. Tie other marketing to your mailings
  91. Put your website address on all mailing pieces
  92. Odd shapes work, too
  93. Mail with stamps get opened before PPI mail
  94. Include pre-stamped reply envelopes
  95. Don’t delay your mailing by trying to mail in bulk on one day
  96. Include a business card in a letter
  97. Lumpy mail gets attention–it gets opened and gets a good response
  98. Have a conversation with your prospect
  99. Publicise your direct-mail campaign

Hopefully you’ve found one or two–or even dozens–of tips for your next mailing. They’re easy tips for any business to use and are guaranteed to increase your customer response rate.



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