Data Cleansing List

The 121 Data Division provides a free comprehensive data audit for both business and consumer data files.

Owning clean targetted data for a postal mailing is crucial. From interrogating, profiling and cleansing your database, to ensure optimum Royal Mail Postcode validation of addresses is essential. The 121 Data Division is happy to carry out a free data health check on your own database, we can then give you a report to clarify any cleansing that may be necessary and a cost to do this for you, so that your mailing list delivers an optimum return on investment.

Use these audit results to make an informed decision about the data cleansing services you wish to apply to your file.

Once we know how clean your data is we will then screen your database against the Telephone Preference Screening and Suppression Files for the UK.

The Data Cleansing Process for Mailings and Tele-sales

You simply send us a copy of your password-protected database to be screened against the numbers currently registered with the service and we can return it to you with all the ‘do not mail’ or ‘do not call’ records clearly marked.

You can then action your direct mail campaign or make sales calls to your prospects, safe in the knowledge that you are not contravening laws on making unwanted direct mail or sales calls to companies with whom you have no previous relationship.

We provide a de-duplication service which can greatly improve your database by cleaning the file of any multiple records. Or we can perform a de-dupe with your data and a data file from our targeted Mailing Lists so you remove any chance of buying data from us that you may already hold.

Our main cleaning services are:

  • De Duplication / Merge and Purge
  • Preference Service MPS, TPS, FPS
  • Postal Address Verification (PAF)
  • Gone-Aways
  • Deceased Screening

GDPR and The Data Protection Act

Compliance with the Data Protection Act it is no longer optional, but a legal requirement. GDPR principles state that any data which you hold must be both accurate, and up-to-date (See our GDPR Information sheet)

Our aim is to provide a fast, efficient, accurate, and cost-effective service to assist you with all of your data enhancement requirements.

By using the Data Division facilities, not only will you go a significant way in complying with GDPR and the Data Protection Act, but you will also be adding value and integrity to your databases.