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    January 21, 2024by admin_directmail

    Types of Direct Mail, What Should we Send?

    6 Types of Direct Mail Marketing

    Choose The Best Direct Mail Format for Your Next Campaign

    From postcards to letters, there are many types of Direct Mail. Choosing the right type for your audience can help you achieve greater engagement and higher response rates. This article outlines the different options available for your next direct mail campaign so that you can save money, hit your goals, and improve your ROI.


    Postcards are the smallest, simplest, and most cost-effective Types of Direct Mail marketing. They can be used by all businesses to reach all kinds of goals from raising brand awareness, promoting your business, showcasing a new product, to highlighting a special offer and lead generation.

    Types of Direct Mail, ensure your postcard makes the right impression
    Postcard Mailing

    Unlike letters, they do not need to be opened for their message to be seen, but due to their smaller size, they contain limited space so need a highly focused, clear, bold, and concise message as there is not much room for loads of information or text.

    To ensure your postcard makes the right impression, use an eye-catching design to grab the recipient’s attention with a hook and enticing image, and make sure to utilise both sides of the card.


    A self-mailer is comprised of one large piece of paper that is bi or tri-folded down into a variety of sizes such as a booklet, brochure, or leaflet. It does not use an envelope and is contained instead within an adhesive tab to keep mailing costs down.

    Self-mailers are effective in attracting prospects and generating leads. With more space available than a postcard, you can go into greater detail about your company, products, and services to build a stronger brand image and persuade the reader to act.

    Be creative to create an eye-catching design with bold colour and striking images to make your self-mailer stand out and make an impression.


    Types of Direct Mail, sales letters effective at reaching professional clients to encourage a conversion or generate a lead
    Sales Letters

    Letters are the most formal, traditional, and personal Types of Direct Mail and are effective at reaching professional clients to encourage a conversion or generate a lead.

    Letters are plain in style and very text-heavy, focusing on written communication to communicate to the reader. Therefore, time should be spent on crafting the perfect copy over design. You can craft a highly personalised message to your target audience and go into much detail to persuade the reader to take action.

    Letters are contained within an envelope so appear more important and serious and less like junk mail. They are more confidential and intended for and read by the addressee only. They may also include a reply card or order form.

    Dimensional Mailers

    A dimensional mailer is an upgraded version of a self-mailer or leaflet. They are 3-dimensional mailings which enable you to get extra creative to create a more interactive and engaging piece for your audience.

    They enable you to showcase your brand, products, and services in a more innovative, eye-catching, shareable, and fun way.

    Dimensional mailers unfold, pop-up, and slide out. They come in all shapes and sizes including boxes, tubes, and cubes. So get creative – but remember to keep your design relevant with your audience, brand and an envelope size!

    They often gain a greater response rate than flat mail, but also typically come at a higher cost, so it’s important that you achieve a return on your investment.


    Catalogues are ideal for businesses who want to showcase a wide range of different products. You can keep return customers up to date with new products as well as showcasing products to new customers.

    Types of Direct Mail, Catalogues provide a wealth of space to showcase your products
    Catalogue or Brochure Mailings

    Catalogues provide a wealth of space to showcase your products. Entice your audience with promotions and best-selling products on the cover to draw them in and keep them flipping through the pages.

    Catalogues can be expensive to create and post and time-consuming to create.  However, they often receive a high engagement rate and can encourage your audience to make a purchase from you.

    All-in-One Packages

    An all-in-one mailing package is a combination of different types of mail in one direct mailing. This can include any number of types of mail including letters, brochures, postcards, and catalogues.

    These packages can give you a lot of variety and different ways to talk about your business and your offering. For example, you can use a postcard to highlight your brand, a letter to personally address the reader, and a catalogue or brochure to showcase your products.

    Ensure all elements of the package have a strong and cohesive design with consistent branding and a clear CTA used across all pieces. Likewise, each component must be able to stand alone and as part of the whole package.

    This is the most expensive type of direct mail as it encompasses a number of different techniques used to target your audience. However, this makes it effective at resonating with your prospects to generate leads, promote your brand, and convert prospects into customers.

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